Lion and Lamb Critter Cupcakes

These are the first cupcakes I made in my CupCake Series.

I was asked to prepare a dessert for a local crafting group last March. I wanted to make something was was fun and creative, and I thought it would be neat to make a reference to the saying; “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

To make these CupCakes, I first tinted some of the frosting green and spread a small amount over the cupcake so that gaps in the grass would be disguised.

Next, I piped the animals on the cupcake. I used a #8 tip for the main bodies. For the rest of the details I used either a #3 or #2 tip. For the lamb I used a small star tip to create the fleece.

*Sweet Change: When I made these cupcakes again I made the lion bodies yellow and the mane orange to create a more ‘cartoony’ feel.

*Sweet Advice: When attempting something new, make sure you take the time to practice your design with white frosting on a small piece of scrap cardboard, then, if you don’t like the results, you can scoop it up and re-use it again. If you do like your results, you then have an example to look back on as a reference.

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