Tie-Dye Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is the follow up to the bridal shower cake. For her wedding cake the bride wanted something different and fun. She had her cake topper picked out long before her cake design! She had previously seen tie-dye birthday cakes I had done, and one of the first things she said to me after meeting me for the first time was, “You have to do my wedding cake!”

The bride’s wedding theme included gerbera daisies, so these were to be included on the cake too (these flowers are fabric). The bottom cake tier is yellow cake with strawberry filling, while the rest of the cake is chocolate with mint filling.

The cake was frosted in buttercream and then sprayed with an air gun to create the tie-dye effect.

*What I Learned: This was the first wedding cake I made, so I learned a whole lot of things! First, it takes a lot of cake mix to create a four tier cake since each tier is two cakes. It is also disheartening to see the amount of cake that is wasted when you level each cake. But the biggest thing I took away from this experience was this; turn tables are a must!! Both the bride and I had planned out what we needed in order to create the cake, but both of us forgot to grab a turn table! How did I remedy this? Put the bride to work! “Turn it this way!” It made for a fun story for the bride later as well: “Yes, I was the turn table for my cake!”

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