Race Car Cakes

I created these cakes for the store I work at. We offer a variety of novelty cakes, and I’m always working to create a new design. I came up with the race car because my father used to be a race car driver. Since first making this cake, I always use the number 82 because that was his number.

I wanted to give the cake a bold and playful feeling so I used primary colors. Since the shape of the unfrosted cake is that of an egg, I needed to build up a little frosting to create the ‘top’ of the car. I use a plastic scrapper to shape and smooth out the frosting.

After building the top, I outline the windows and fill them in with white. Next, I put the racing stripes on the car followed by the bumpers and lights. The wheels are then put on and finally the number detail.

I came up with the love bug version of the car because I wanted to offer a feminine alternative.

*Sweet Advice: In order to achieve good results in making this type of detailed cake you need to have a very steady hand. The details need to be straight and proportioned correctly to the rest of the details on the cake.

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