Frog CupCake

A popular design for Spring; the frog CupCake. What I like about this design is how the frog looks at the fly like he is contemplating lunch. I have made this kupcake using a darker green frosting as the basis and using a lighter green for the outline. I prefer the lighter green with dark green outline.

As with all the CupCake designs, I tint the board with food coloring to compliment the frosting colors I use.

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  1. Jewels says:

    Too cute but I don’t get how it is a cupcake. Are there several cupcakes and then you iced over the whole thing?

  2. TheShaggyTurtle says:

    Yes, it is actually twelve cupcakes arranged together. Sorry for the confusion, I explained the construction of the CupCakes in the first CupCake design I posted, which was the Lion.

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