Hamburger Cakes

This cake is not my original design, there are many hamburger style cakes out there. I have however taken the original idea and given it my own twist.

The bottom and top ‘bun’ are yellow cake. The middle ‘burger’ is a chocolate cake sliced in half. To get a somewhat accurate ‘bun’ color I mix white buttercream frosting with a little bit of chocolate to make it a light-medium brown.

First, the bottom layer is iced. Then I use a large leaf tip to pipe on the ‘lettuce’. Next, the chocolate layer goes on, uniced, to give it a ‘burger’ texture. Then the ketchup and mustard are piped on. To create the top ‘bun’ I take the second cake and bevel the top edges and then ice it smooth. I also like to add a couple yellow cake crumbs as a finishing touch. The fries are made by slicing up yellow cake and inserting them into a piece of rolled up parchment paper. Finally, don’t forget the ketchup!

What I like about this picture I took of the hamburger cakes is that it reminds me of the fast food industry and how they always have burgers lined up and ready to go. I also think its neat how the little square cake boards resemble food trays.

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