Topsy Turvy Cake

Another fondant cake. This time I was experimenting with the ‘mad hatter’ style. The layers are cut diagonally and stacked together to achieve an unbalanced look.

I put a filling in the cake. This probably wasn’t the best idea as the layers wanted to slide. It was a very interesting experience trying to get the cake frosted and covered in fondant before it slid. It worked out good in the end though. You learn your best lessons by trying something new and daring!

Because this was a fun cake, I wanted to use fun shapes and colors. I went with a ‘polka dot’ design. I added in extra polka dots with wires to add to the quirky look. Instead of using buttercream to pipe a border I rolled out fondant and wrapped it around the cake. I think it gives it a smoother look.

*What I Learned: Don’t put a filling in this type of cake! At least not a jelly type filling. If the filling is mixed with frosting so that it has a more frosting consistency it would work out fine.

*Sweet Change: If I were to make a cake like this again, I would jazz it up more with color and decoration.

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