Mario Block Cake

This is one of my latest fondant cakes. I made this as a birthday cake for a couple of my family members who really enjoy playing Mario.

I piled together yellow cake and made sure it was a perfect cube, then the whole cake was covered in gold fondant. Next, I cut a piece of orange fondant out and placed it on top.

The hardest part was cutting out all the question marks and the shadows out of the fondant, not to mention the mushroom and coins!

I piped a border using gold buttercream frosting to finish off the bottom.

There were a lot of other things I wanted to do with this cake, but unfortunately there was a time limit in place. I’ll probably attempt another version in the future.

I also used a home-made recipe for both the fondant and the buttercream frosting.

The Mario question block is property of Nintendo.

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  1. Tracy Warner says:

    Hey great cake. I do a lot of baking and this weekend for my husbands birthday I tried my first fondant cake– it was a bit disastrous in that the fondant got really dried out, but I know how i avoid that next time.

    I wanted to know if you had any expertise or knowledge of stack cakes with those pipes? I want to do something bigger one day but fear issues with collapsing and what not.


  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you!

    I was really scared the first time I tried to use fondant, I didn’t know what to expect, but the best way to learn something is do just do it.

    As for stacking cakes one on top of another without spaces in between you need to use wooden dowels to support the cake. You need three dowels per tier, and make sure they are flush with the top of the cake before you add the next layer. (Also be sure that all cake tiers are on cake boards). As for stacking cakes using pillars you need to press the pillars through the cake to support the next layer. For more detailed directions you can do a search on google, I’ve found a lot of information that way!

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