Haunted House Cake

haunted house cake

This was a really fun cake to make!

I started out with a large sheet cake and sculpted out a house shape. I used pieces I cut off to add part of the roof.

After frosting it in buttercream I rolled out some orange fondant and arranged it over the top of the cake. I used purple for the roof and dark blue for trim.

I added on the other elements as I went along. I really wanted to give the cake a ‘fun spooky’ look because it was for younger kids. So I used bright colors and gave it a cartoony feel.

I added on the ghosts and bats with buttercream frosting after I was done placing the fondant details. I added a blue boarder along with bottom with a #8 round tip.

I didn’t have a cake board large enough for the cake, so I used some let over cardboard and covered it with blue tissue paper and then wax paper. In the end I really like how it looks because it gives the background a misty look to it.

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