Faerie and Mermaid Cake

Here is a cake that was a lot of fun to do. This idea all started out in the imagination of my eight year old niece. She wanted a faerie and a mermaid on her cake.

I wanted to do a two tier cake and decorate each according to the mythical creature that would be sitting upon it. Obviously water and fish for the mermaid and flowers and grass for the faerie.

I made both the mermaid and faerie figures the night before I put the cake together. This is because it gave me more time to focus on the figures and not worry about being rushed. I used a slightly stiffer marshmallow fondant to create the figures. The wings of the faerie posed the biggest challenge. I ended up cutting them out of the fondant free hand and then painting them with food dye.

On to the cake….

The bottom 9″ layer is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and the top 6″ layer is yellow cake with buttercream frosting. Both layers are filled with vanilla pudding.

After covering the cakes with marshmallow fondant I then set about decorating them with buttercream frosting. I went with mostly pink and purple since those are her favorite colors.

In the end, after all that had work, the only thing that was left of the cake were a few locks of hair from the mermaid and faerie. The rest was devoured. (isn’t that a pretty mental picture?) Of course, I’m very happy she enjoyed it so much!

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