Sweet Sixteen Cake

I made this cake in honor my niece’s for her sweet sixteenth birthday party. She likes all colors, which suited me just fine! I wanted to make her a three tier cake since it was a special occasion. The top tier was just for her to keep and take home.

The bottom tier was yellow, the middle was chocolate, and the top was both yellow and chocolate. All tiers were filled with chocolate frosting.

I decided to use buttercream for this cake. I wanted to have a traditional, yet slightly modern feel to the cake since it was for a sixteen year old. I modified the side swags by ending them in dots instead of carrying it all they way through with a solid line. Also, for the bottom border I used swirls for a different look.

I went with a five petal flower instead of roses or daisies to go along with the theme I was using.

On a funny side note, my niece took a picture of this cake with her cell phone and sent it to her boyfriend. He texted back with, “Someone must love you a whole lot!” I told her of course that was true!

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