Mint Chocolate Chip Cake with Cupcakes

A mint chocolate chip cake is quick and easy to make, and I am very pleased with how tasty it looks too!

While mixing the batter I added in some chocolate chips. After putting the batter into the cake pan, and cupcake papers, I added a few more chocolate chips on top. While everything was baking I mixed up some mint frosting by adding some mint extract and green food coloring.

After the cake and cupcakes were cooled I frosted the cake with the mint frosting. Before the frosting could set I added chocolate chips to the side of the cake. If you perfer you can use mini chocolate chips. I used regular size since that is all I had on hand at the time.

To decorate the cake and cupcakes I used a #22 star tip and added more chocolate chips to garnish. You can never have enough chocolate right?

The chocolate chips I added to the batter really paid off in the end because it added a nice chewy chocolaty texture to the cake. Yum!

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