Karate Cupcakes

Here are some cupcakes I made for a karate theme birthday party. The party was to take place at the dojo, and cupcakes were a less messy option than a cake. The only request given was that the karate uniforms on the cupcakes match the birthday boy’s uniform, which was black with red.

I started out dipping the cupcakes in peach tinted glaze to create a smooth surface for the faces. Next, I piped the black for the uniform on each one and smoothed it out. After the black came the red. I piped the white on to define the lines of the uniform. The belt came next, and then the faces. I wanted to give them a variety of faces to give the cupcakes more character.

I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to do for these at first, but after doing a search I came across these cupcakes by lovecake and decided to go with this basic design while adding my own different ideas.

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