Tractor Cupcakes

Tractor Cupcakes The design for these began when someone asked for a tractor cupcake cake. She wanted a red tractor, resembling an International tractor. I thought about it and thought individual cupcakes with tractors would be fun. So I came up with these designs.

First, I did some research and drew up two different templates. I then broke the templates into it’s smaller pieces and used those as patterns to cut out the fondant.

I made some marshmallow fondant and tinted the frosting to the colors I needed. Then the cutting began! I used different sized circle fondant cutters when possible to save time. Using a sharp non-serrated knife or exato is the best way to go about cutting.

I dipped all my cupcakes into warmed frosting to get a smooth appearance and let them sit to dry. While the cupcakes were drying I started assembling the tractor fondant pieces. When everything was assembled I put them on the cupcakes. For finishing touches I used some black frosting to pipe on steering wheels, seats, and decals.

The time involved in producing these cupcakes was longer than I anticipated, but I’ll have a head start if I make them again since I saved my patterns.

Oh! The pink tractor was made because the person who requested the cupcakes asked for one pink one because she tells her boyfriend she is going to buy a tractor and paint it pink someday!

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