Retro Robot Cupcakes

Know someone who is a geek at heart? Or who loves robots?

These cute retro robots will certainly short circuit their sweet sensors!

Step 1 (Day Before):

It took me three minutes to sketch my robot designs, but three hours to create the finished product!

I started by breaking down my sketches into the individual pieces (ie. legs, torso, and head) that I would need to use as patterns to cut out pieces of fondant. I ended up with a lot of little pieces of paper! It helps to label the pieces with how many you’ll need to cut. Luckily, I had a tiny circle cutter I could use for the eyes, elbows, knees, hands, and feet!

I then planned out what colors I wanted to use, deciding to do four colors with a lighter shade for the detail and a contrasting color for the background.

Step 2 (Day Before):

I made marshmallow fondant and separated it into five parts: light green, pink, light yellow, light blue, and a small portion of white.

I cut out all the pieces I needed in the lighter shades then darkened the left over fondant to get the legs, torsos, and heads. (This way you won’t have to make both light and dark colors separately!)

After everything was cut I laid out all the pieces on cookie sheets sandwiched between pieces of parchment paper and left them in a cool place for the next day. Make sure all your pieces are laying flat or they will bend at weird angles!

Step 3:

I baked 40 strawberry flavored cupcakes, making a couple extra in case of mistakes and/or snacking. While the cupcakes were cooling I tinted some buttercream frosting orange and zapped it in the microwave just long enough to make it runny. I then dipped the tops of the cooled cupcakes to create a smooth finish.

Step 4:

Time to create robots! All the heads, torsos, and legs were placed onto the cupcakes. Next, the lighter detail parts and eyes were added, using buttercream to adhere the pieces. I ended up with 3 full robots in each color, 36 cupcakes total.

I used some black buttercream to add final details such as dials, pupils, and wires.

These would be great cupcakes to make for a kid’s party. Any kid would love to help with assembling their robots! You can also have fun mixing and matching different colors to create multi-colored robots!

One of my favorite things to do is search the internet looking for cupcakes, cakes, and cookies that other people have decided to share.  One day I came across these cute robot cupcakes made by hello naomi, and I was inspired to create my own.  Thank you ‘hello naomi’ for sharing your edible artwork!

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