We have a limited number of advertising slots available. Our rates are a flat rate and guarantee you automatic monthly renewal and a locked rate until Dec. 31st of 2013.

To apply for advertising please email and we can help you get started. is a great source of dessert and other culinary delights.  Updated weekly with new step by step tutorials.

Advertising rates are extremely affordable for this type of exposure. The cost is simply 10 dollars a month for a static image and  25 dollars a month for a animated ad, payable by automatic PayPal payments. Once your ad is approved and your payment is made we will begin your campaign at once.

You will be given three ad slots to fill.

  • 240 x 480 Displayed on posts and pages
  • 240 x 64 Displayed on posts and pages
  • 128 x 128 Displayed on the front page

We are only selling 20 slots, when they are sold out; they are sold out until an existing advertiser cancels. Keep in mind all advertisers a subject to approval. All approved advertisers will be high quality companies that meet the personal standards of founder Aaron Price and Amanda Chatwood-Price and hence carry our personal endorsement. Basically if we wouldn’t buy your product personally he won’t accept you as an advertiser.

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